God wants you to feel right, feel your blessing, feel the increase, feel the divine nature.

2 Peter 1:4 says we are partakers of His divine nature. You must devise the way you feel.

When you pray to the Father, you cannot go to Him with the problem; you must go to God with “I AM the answer.”


Are you praying with feelings of fear, lack, and worry? Why are you doing that? Why are you coming to the Lord with those feelings?

When you come to God, you come with what you want to feel and you ask God to make these feelings manifest in your reality.

Your doubts, your anxieties, and your frustrations are blocking your breakthroughs from flowing.

Your words may not have integrity with your emotions. You are saying one thing, but yet you are feeling another. When your prayers and your emotions are aligned, then it will work. Workability comes from integrity. Unworkability and breakdowns occur when your words do not match your emotions.


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