The Problem of Conditional Happiness 

Desire is natural, but to immediately and automatically assume that the fulfillment of our desires will lead to our happiness could be problematic. To satisfy our desires at the expense of others’ welfare is not part of God’s will for us. To live our lives in conditional happiness does not honor God.  

What then is conditional happiness?  

Conditional happiness is when we allow our happiness or satisfaction to depend on a future, external circumstance. For example, we may say things like, If only I had a bigger house, then I’d be happy. We may also say, if only I were more attractive, I wouldn’t feel so sorry about myself. If only I had a bigger salary, I wouldn’t be in so much debt. 

The lies of the enemy have penetrated society. We have been habituated to think that first, the longings in our hearts can be satisfied by material things or external circumstances. Second, achieving happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in our present situation is impossible. The thought that we will be happy “only if” is a never-ending assumption. It will never come true, and hence we will assume it perpetually and become disappointed. Why? Because happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction are never dependent on outside, material things. It is something that we can only find in God alone. Moreover, Go is not just the God of the future but also the God of the present moment.  

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