There are only two people in the marketplace: those who measure the spiritual temperature in the ecology by which they are in, and those who set it.

Those who measure the spiritual temperature are called “religious thermometers.” Like a thermometer, they only read the temperature in the environment they are in. They criticize the world for its “sinfulness” and point out what is unholy or unclean in the world. On the other hand, there are people who are “spiritual thermostats.” They set the temperature in the environment.

As prophets in the marketplace, your purpose in the marketplace is to change the spiritual temperature. Thermostats set the temperature of the place. You are not in the marketplace to condemn people and to let them know of how sinful they are.

Prophets in the Bible called the people into repentance to change the spiritual temperature in the city. They were there for a purpose. These prophets had the mission to create spiritual temperature in the ecology that is on fire for the Lord.

Paul’s message ruffles feathers in the marketplace. He was not merely pointing out how people in the world were missing the mark. He was also trying to cause social transformation.

God designed you—with your talents and your connections—to influence culture.  He has placed this passion in your heart for a specific marketplace. That is because you are assigned to go into that particular marketplace and begin to turn the ship around.

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How are you being a spiritual thermostat in your marketplace? Or, are you just being a spiritual thermometer?