Check Your Cravings

Checking our cravings using the same logic that we use to check the facts is very important. The feeling that “I am not enough” that social comparison leaves us with after viewing the seemingly perfect lives of movie characters and Hollywood stars or after scrolling through our social media feed is nothing more than a lie told by our adversary. Similarly, the thoughts that convince us that we are inadequate are not founded on facts, but rather on the lies of our adversary. The adversary will try to trick us into believing that our previous failures, as well as smokescreens of success, beauty, and happiness, are real in order to accomplish this. Because of this, the concept of double-checking one’s information also works very well when applied to our desires.

The Bible instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2). Because our thoughts and actions are much more intertwined than many people realize, renewing our minds results in transformation. What we do is frequently the result of our thoughts, and our thoughts influence our actions. As a result, paying attention and correcting our distorted thoughts can result in positive behavioral outcomes.

So, how can we correct our distorted thinking? Paying attention to them and comparing them to facts and reality.

The next post will show you different ways to actively fact-check your reality. Stay tuned.


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