In the word of Charles Dickens about prophetic pray, “It was the awesome occasions, it was the most noticeably awful of times.” Look around it doesn’t take a prophet or a scientific genius to realize that we face a daily reality such that is by all accounts going wild. On a daily basis our minds are bombarded with stories of violence, sadness, crime, devastation, perversion, unusual weather phenomenon, and more! There is a spot in Christ where harmony and isolation can be found. His assertion says, “You will show me the way of life; In Your essence is the totality of euphoria; At Your right hand is joys forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

Be prepared in 2021!

Join our prophetic prayer webinars is designed to provide practical ways to pray during times of trouble.  Do any of the following touch home for you?

Have a desire to pray effectively for yourself or others during a crisis?

Desire to see how to ask through?

Want to pray effectively for your country or different countries in a crisis?

Grow weary of not having the words to pray?

Desire to go into the courts of paradise and get answers in the midst of a crisis?

Before you surrender to the inconveniences that come in troubled times let me walk you through the interaction of how to prophetic prayer in a crisis. This webinars will take you on a journey to effective praying. Unable to go along with us live? No worries, the replay will be available for a limited time to all who register. Why wait?  Register with zoeministries today!