Communicating with Prophetic People

God is talking with Prophetic People. His technique for communicating can come differently. I have come to find that there are people who are more sensitive to His voice than others. Also, there are those who may hear God’s voice; however, they overlook what they hear the Spirit saying. Indeed, God is talking, however the question is, “Would you say you are tuning in?”

Kingdom creatives are able to operate effectively when they connect to God’s voice. Every one of us are remarkably wired to hear His voice. Prophetic People should hear His voice to be fruitful in their call. In my book, The Scribal Watchman: How to Hear, Watch, Write, and Release God, I give data on how God utilizes an individual’s learning style to convey His heart. Today, God needs to converse with YOU. He has assigned Holy Spirit to provide you with the direction you have been looking for. God wants to saturate you with His liquid love, and order your steps in the future.  Connect with Him and allow Him to lead you as a Kingdom driven creative