In a new season, we want to stay in sync with the Lord (well in every season actually). We want to discern God’s plans and purposes for this particular season. It’s beneficial to develop your prophetic gift, especially if you desire to develop your gift of prophetic vision.


Use these questions to wait on the Lord for a powerful prophetic picture and word for yourself or for another person you are praying for.


What (new) name is the Father calling me in reference to this coming season?


Ask the Lord for a name or description that is in keeping with your spiritual identity and calling for this year and beyond. As you agree with Jesus about who you are and what you are capable of, His word will bring transformation to your life and things of

the past will begin to drop off you.


‘You will be called by a new name that the mouth

of the Lord will bestow.’ (Is 62:2b)


What is the picture of me in Christ that God is giving me that will help prepare me to reach my highest potential in the coming year?



For Abraham, that was a vision of his descendants. For Gideon, the name the Lord gave him was evocative of leading others into battle and winning in warfare.


If you have a “seer” prophetic gift—the ability to perceive pictures, visions, and dreams—this exercise will be easier for you. If not or you are uncertain, you might find it simpler to ask the Lord for a biblical character with whom you can identify.



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Ask the Lord: What in my hand that I can use (Exo. 4:2)?