The arm of flesh will certainly fail, but the sword of the spirit (the Word of God) endures forever.

The next phase of Abraham’s life was where God told him to leave his father’s house. This tells us something. For us to reach forth the great and mighty things God has ordained for us in the future, we have to leave the things, places, and people we have been used to. We cannot get to the other side if we are unwilling to leave the shores of the comfortable present. Abram (as he then was called) must have been comfortable where he was. He had a family, a considerable number of servants and resources at his disposal. Yet, he chose to believe a God that he had not seen or heard of before. This faith was counted to him for righteousness.

There is one thing about God, He has a way of making a promise that only He can fulfill. In the case of Abraham, He promised that He would give them a land that He will show him. At this point, Abraham never had an idea of what awaited him in his future. Amazingly, Abraham being a man of faith followed through everything God told him.

One thing we must come to understand about the journey of faith is that there are always battles and giants to confront. At one time, Abraham mobilized his army of over 300 men to confront an enemy who seized his nephew, Lot. Rest assured that when God speaks, He makes all the provision in his capacity to bring whatever He says to pass.



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