Name your group

Give a name to your Master Mind group. According to Kane (2009), clarity wins all of the time, not just some of the time. It is more effective to welcome people to a group that already has a name than to invite them to a group with an uncertain title. Some people will be threatened by organizations with such a strong sense of purpose and clarity; it is better to recognize these people now rather than later.

Plan ahead

The fourth step is to plan ahead of time for meetings. A Master Mind necessitates planning and execution. People will lose interest if you simply invite them to a group with no set meeting schedule. A good rule of thumb is to plan meetings at least three months in advance. It demonstrates intent and dedication. You may not want to attend these meetings at times, but those are the greatest times to do so (Kane, 2009).

Strength in Diversity

Another guideline for developing a Master Mind is to not be afraid of variety. Like-minded people do not have to be identical to you. A goal-oriented person might be anything from a freelance writer to a pastor to a real estate broker. Thank you for the variety. What can you learn from individuals who are just like you if you choose people who are exactly like you? If this occurs, you will spend more time talking about your difficulties than going forward. You must not compel them to fit into a mold similar to yours. The reason you need a group is to be exposed to a wide range of experiences. If you were perfect, you could have achieved a lot on your own.


Here are things you can think about right now 

  1. Decide what kind of Master Mind you want
  2. Set an intention to find the right Master Mind for you.  What is your intent for a Master Mind?
  3. Ask around. Who are people whom you can ask about this?
  4. Find a mentor you admire and ask if they have a Master Mind you could join. List down mentors you admire.
  5. Set one up yourself. Where do you think should you start?
  6. Ask like-minded people if they’d be interested in creating one with you. Who may these people be?
  7. Give it a try. Set a schedule for yourself.


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