Your prayer must modify your feelings. That is what it means to pray through. You have to pray through your facts and into your feelings. All that tarrying on the altar, that waiting for God, was an effort to have you “pray through.” How am I praying through? I pray through by moving past my facts. Pray through, pressing on until your facts no longer make sense in the context of your feelings, until your feelings are the only things speaking your truth, and until you are sowing into your own abundance.


Your emotions are powerful to dictate your situation and your future. However, you must not trust your current emotions. Sometimes, your emotions are dictated by the lack or the giants you see in the current. However, let your prayers shape your emotions. Declare the promises of God and His prophetic word for your life, and allow it to impact how you feel right now.  Do you need to feel abundance? What does the Bible say about abundance? Jesus said he came to give you an abundant life. How do you feel about that promise? Do you feel worried?


Jesus said, do not worry because he takes care of everything. How does that make you feel? Do you feel tired? Jesus said, his burden is light. How does that make you feel? Declare and pray according to the Word of God, and allow it to give you new feelings.



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