If you believe you received the gift of prophecy, then you have the duty to grow your gift. You must be intentional about doing so.


What can you do TODAY?


Fight Fear


It is understandable to encounter fear when you find yourself prophesying. It is a fearful thing to dare to speak an impression, vision, or message from God. In the moment, your heart might pound, your breath might become short, and your hands might sweat. Prophecy is a spiritual act, and your physical body may react because it is natural for the flesh to do this. Just keep going. Overcome the fear. Move past the fear as you humbly submit yourself to the Holy Spirit.



Be Teachable


One of the easiest ways to learn how to receive and declare a prophetic word is to spend time with someone who is more experienced than you. Zoe Ministries has been moving in the prophetic ministry for more than 30 years. This ministry has experienced attacks from the enemy and prophecies fulfilled.


Both challenges and victories produce wisdom. Prophetic leaders can give you practical instruction, careful guidance, and positive encouragement. Sometimes, leaders can also correct you. No one learned to use any gift or talent (whether spiritual or not) without

practicing. If you don’t have someone in your circle who can help you, look for someone.


Request for a Prophetic Word for Yourself


Getting a prophetic word for yourself is also significant. There is no one who can give you a more encouraging word than Christ himself. Other prophets may speak into your life, confirm the leading of the Holy Spirit, or even call out gifts and talents. The Strongest and most transformative word comes from heaven itself right into your spirit.



Be Tender and Kind


Remember, when you are speaking a prophetic word to another person, their heart is wide open to receive it. If you sense a sin or a compromise that you need to expose, do it with utmost love and tenderness. The person before you is vulnerable and exposed. Speak carefully and with grace. Consider who can hear the prophetic word. Don’t allow this ministry to embarrass or to condemn others. Your prophetic word should highlight God’s love and goodness, rather than the sin to be corrected or the promise being given.


Offer the Prophetic Word


A word of prophecy must be offered to another person with humility, rather than shoved down their throat. If a word is delivered in a demanding and controlling tone, then it can cause walls to go up for the person. It is best to offer and wait for the other person to choose to receive the word or to reject it.


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Activating Your Prophetic Gift

Here are three questions you can ask God to activate your prophetic gift on a regular basis:

  • Do you love me?
  • What do you want me to say right now?
  • What are the gifts you have given me that you want me to focus on right now?