Go into a field, and you’ll see weeds. Weeds do not spell lack. The trees are getting ready to blossom shortly, and when they come out they go all out with such an extravagant display of beauty and splendor. When they drop, they drop it all. They do not save a seed for the next year. They let all of their colorful leaves fall down to the ground because they know within they will get it all back again. When you have no fear of getting, you have no fear of giving. Do you want know why you cannot give it all away? Because you are not certain that you will create it all again.


Trees get a new wardrobe every year. They get a whole new set of clothing, and they are flamboyant about it. Nothing in nature spells poverty. Nothing in nature spells lack. Therefore, it is against our nature when lack is present. The presence of lack only can exist in us when there is a lie roaming around within us. Where there is lack, there is a lie. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches. The supply will never run short. God

would have never put all of us on the planet and there not be enough gold to sustain all of us. There is no shortage in nature. The only shortage in you, is in your mind.


Have you ever wondered why a millionaire can loose everything that he or she has earned, and in one or two months earns back everything and then some?  Why is this?  The millionaire mind knows that the same place from whence they received their first allotment of millions still exists. It is the source of all things. The millionaire’s creed is, “If I can make it once, surely I can twice, and three times if necessary.”  Most millionaires realize that the thief comes to tamper with the mind. That is why many rich people spend massive amounts of money on things that will enhance the mind.


The poor spend on things that minister to the needs of their flesh, concerts, parties, clothing, iPhones, iPads,, so on. Of course rich people buy into these things too. The difference is that the poor buys these things exclusively to deal with their everyday problems. Theses things become their release. The rich buys into things that invest into the mind, seminars, books, tapes, teaching CD’s, weekend intensive trainings, and the likes thereof. Rich people refuses to buy the lie that the thief comes to implant.


What is the lie? Here is the big lie—there is shortage in the earth or there is a shortage in God. Guarding yourself from this maniac mindset will not only protect you but also cause you to grow in wealth beyond your wildest dreams. So what you suffered a bad quarter that only means that next quarter should be off the charts.  There are acres of raw land, just a few miles north of New York that is uninhabited. There is enough room on the planet for everyone to have a mansion and extra acreage to run around on. So you can leave your windows wide open and you would never have to use blinds again. Abundance is all around you.

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What are the things you can do to recognize the abundance around you?