We all have the same chance at living a long life. Are you going to let yourself be dwarfed? Dwarfed trees only express a millionth of the life an oak should manifest. Aren’t we tired of only demonstrating a millionth of what we are? We must stop being dwarfed in our faith. I’m ready for POME (Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah) to go to a whole new level. People are looking for the word of the Lord. They’re looking for the mind of God. There is a need for the prophets. Whenever there is a recession, the prophets are in demand. We don’t see all these great things Elijah did until the people don’t have enough food in their pot.


Many people put clamps of limitation on their channels of supply. They bind their subconscious mind with wires of fear and worry. It wasn’t the KKK somewhere in some rural areas with hoods on that had the power; it was folks right within the organization who had hoods on and just didn’t know they were looking out through holes. This happens as a result of not trusting the person working right there in the same organization. It is from being unable to move beyond the last upset or last struggle. It’s a dwarf mentality, and there is no growth where a dwarf mentality rules.


Are you ready to stop being a dwarf? In your heart, you know you may be living like this,  and you know it’s not right. You know it’s not how life is supposed to be. I believe this truth is  for you right now.


You were always destined for greatness. God prepared an abundant world for you to live and you were to have dominion over the world. That was the plan. You got sucked in to Satan’s trap — just like Adam and Eve were. But Jesus came and freed you from this cage.


You only needed to step out and to claim your freedom; to claim your abundance.

Are you ready? The Lord has been repeating it over and over again, “be strong and

courageous,” “do not fear”, and “take heart.” It’s not because the world is scary, even though it is, Jesus has overcome the world. God has been telling you to brave because He is telling you to be brave to step out of that cage that limited you all your life.


Have you been looking for an open door to be used for the Lord’s Kingdom? Won’t it benefit you to operate in the prophetic in all areas of your life. This year, I want to gift you this FREE Course and experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.