Prophets are not intended to just foresee the future for personal interests, or for the interest of those around them. They have a mission, like every believer is called to one mission. It’s to go and to make disciples (Mt. 28:19).

Prophetic ministry is primarily ministry, just like the pastoral and the teaching ministries, which is done through the use of prophetic gifts. The term “prophetic” is commonly used to refer to ministry which is based on spiritual revelation. Prophecy is only one of the spiritual gifts involved in prophetic ministry. Any ministry exists to advance the Kingdom of God by ministering to the Body of Christ, and the lost.

At the very essence of the prophetic ministry is Jesus Christ. There is no use being a prophet if you are not drawing people to Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit, you receive illumination more particularly for a certain person, or group of people. Whether this recipient is a believer or not, the ultimate end is to advance God’s Kingdom. You prophesy to believers to equip them to do the work of God in reaching the lost. You prophesy to the lost to allow them to experience Jesus.




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What other purpose of the prophetic ministry—other than sharing Jesus—do you have and that you must repent of?