Money is not your supply. It is your consciousness of God as your abundance that

constitutes your supply. It is the presence of God within that is the true money-maker. Therefore, you must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply.

When you operate in divine ideas, the idea appears in the physical realm as a symbol we

call “money.” There is a prosperity angel. There is a money angel. “Money Angel, come right now. Money Angel, come right now. Money Angel, move right now. Money Angel, kiss me on my forehead.” A divine idea will pop into my mind when I feel those words. The divine idea is the sign that the money angel has come into me. That idea will soon appear in the form of money, the effect of the cause.

Superstition is when you place power on created objects to bring you wealth or luck. It is

silly because you are depending on things that do not innately have power for the things you desire. On the other hand, when you access spiritual power, it’s not superstition — it’s enlightenment.

Do not become superstitious, be spiritual. Your spirituality is your ability to see beyond the physical realm — the limited world. It is about being true to your true nature. Your spiritual being is always higher than your physical being, because your spiritual being came from the breath of God. What are the superstitions that you need to replace with spiritual beliefs and practices?


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