Prophesying in the Spirit of prophecy is described as the shallowest in the prophetic pool at the lowest level just to comfort, to exhort, and to edify. It has no word of word of wisdom or any predictive nature. However, the first level of prophecy is birthed from the Spirit of prophecy in the seed form of the method.

Prophesying in the Spirit of Prophecy is identified as the first level of prophecy in terms of how deep it goes in the prophetic realm. However, when it comes this first level, there are also four different degrees that we can discover and recognize.



The first degree is the foundation of the Spirit of prophecy. It is according to the revelation content. The world is looking for a sense of certainty, which is why people are looking for people to predict the future. Unfortunately, people have gone to the occult and all kinds of unbiblical methods in order to know the future.


Why do people pay so much money to astrologers and the like to know about the future? It’s simply because it’s important to them. Prophets should not open “Christian fortune telling shops.” Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John that the Helper will come to reveal things to the believer. Each believer will know through the Spirit of prophecy parts and pieces of God’s plan for his life. How can you plan your life unless there is a glimpse of what your future is going to look like?

Every one of us deals with the future all of the time. Our perception of the future determines how we organize it. If we know God has a plan for us for our future, how will we go about it? We want to be in sync with God’s plan as much as we can. God wants us to dedicate our plans to Him, but how will we plan when we don’t have any idea about the future? This is where the Holy Spirit and the spirt of prophecy comes in. Here is what Jesus specifically said about this: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come” (Jn. 16:13).


One of the works of the Holy Spirit is to warn and tell us of things to come. Why does God need to do that to us? It is because we are in a spiritual warfare and there is an enemy we need to confront. The good news is God surely knows more than Satan does. God also warns us beforehand so that we can prepare our lives and He will reveal it through the Spirit of prophecy.


Through the Spirit of prophecy, the Holy Spirit gives us visions so that we can perceive what God wants us to do. We will get a revelation about the future He is preparing for us, not just the future we want for ourselves.


In the Hebrew Old Testament, there are actually two types of prophets. One is called Nabi, which means one who has a flowing of words in his life. The other is called Ro’eh, which means “seer” or “visionary.” In the context of the revelation content, certain prophets are purely Ro’eh, and some other prophets are purely Nabi. There are also certain prophets who are both Nabi and Ro’eh.Ro’eh types are those that deal with a lot with visions, and what they give forth are in vision form. You see a number of them in the minor prophets. There are others who have a lot of words. They are giving words, and there are others which function in the realms of vision and words. Both of these revelations are intended to reveal the future in the context of encouragement.


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