What is done in darkness will come to light. You are what you have been doing in darkness. You came to light. If you want to change the way things are going you have to start in the dark. When you want to do something, you have to shut it down, fade it to black. That scene is over. Accept it, forgive and let go. Forgive and forget, fade it to black, impregnate yourself in the dark, come out on the stage with a new wardrobe, a new set, a new part and learn your lines and work your piece. Your attitude determines your altitude.


God always deals with things that are without form and void. Everything you need exists for you right now, but it is without form and void. It is waiting for you to go in and cash it. The universe is a big dough ball, and you have to take it and become the cookie cutter. Do you know how you cut the cookie out of the dough? You do it with the law of your imagination. Your imagination is creation. These truths are so simple.


Everyone has a dream in him or her that they have to reach into themselves and pull out of the darkness that which needs to be showcased in the light. Now, did God say let there be light before the light was? No. Actually the light always existed, God just called light forth for everyone else to see. You can see what is in you, in your darkness that no one else can see. It’s already there.


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