Leadership must be inspirational. Leaders must have the ability to inspire people in order for them to reach great heights of performance and aim for success. For leadership to be effective, a leader must be seen with zeal and purpose. One cannot inspire if he himself does not know why he is doing the things he is actually doing, nor if he is non-enthusiastic about what he says.
Because of this, it is vital for a leader to have the ability to communicate his passion. Leaders create an inspirational culture in an organization.

How can a leader inspire the people he leads? A leader has zeal about the mission and vision of the organization. An inspirational leader does not keep that passion to himself but shares it in a way that others will feel the same way, too. Being able to share the nature of the vision and mission is vital. A leader must influence other people to feel and realize that their work has purpose and meaning beyond the work they do every single day. Transformation happens when people have a bigger picture of things. When the big picture is often communicated, it reinforces the reason why the organization exists. It gives meaning to what people are doing, and therefore emphasizes their worth in taking part of the organization.

Aside from communicating one’s passion, the inspirational leader gives ear to the organization. Sharing what you are passionate about, it means that you also are ready to listen and allow inputs, ideas, and thoughts from your group. No organization receives a hundred percent support on the same passion, to work on a certain goal, but hearing the input and the side comments all together will help you as a leader in incorporating these ideas or at least, understand where they are coming from.

Another thing about being an inspirational leader is making people feel important and included. This sense of inclusion goes beyond listening and giving feedback. People have to feel that intimacy of being connected to the

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