According to David Hino, one of the biggest hurdles in moving

into the supernatural realm is because people are trained to use the

left side of the brain more than the right. When you look at the science behind this, you’ll see that God really had a great design for our brains.


The left and the right brain are separate parts that allow us to understand, to do, and to comprehend different things. The left side of the brain is concerned with language, numbers, reading, and reasoning. On the other hand, the right side of the brain has to do with music, dimensional forms, art, intuition, and imagination.

Most of the time, as children, there is right brain dominance. However, we are educated in such a way that the left brain is trained more. Children turn into adults and become skeptical of their right brain functions. There is great emphasis on math, reading, and writing. However, music, drama, and art courses

have become electives, or have completely been eliminated from

schools. Emotional wounds can also cause us to close off or to be

more suspicious of right brain activity.



What does this imply when it comes to hearing from the Lord. A person who is trained heavily to use his left brain may be unable or unwilling to see supernatural dimensions of God. There is distrust for the act of imagining what God can do, beyond what our reason and logic can cover. The right brain is where the still small voice of the Lord speaks. God can bring His thoughts into our thoughts through the right brain.


Christianity was never just an intellectual understanding. Look at the Pharisees who became too legalistic that they missed the point—they actually failed to see that the Messiah they were waiting for was already in front of them. Paul warned the Galatian church to keep watch that they do not trust in their human works.

Spending time with the Lord and allowing our spiritual self to grow stronger is a right brain activity.



For example, speaking in tongues is a right brain activity. Speaking known languages is a left-brain activity, however, as we worship the Lord and we allow ourselves to worship in our prayer language, then we move into the right brain (2 Kgs. 3:15). Allowing God to speak into your imagination with thoughts and pictures is a right brain activity. The four keys we talked about in this chapter can help you train your right brain, so that you can be more comfortable in operating with it the way you are already comfortable with using your left brain.



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