The power resides in what you DECLARE.

The goals you achieve in life are a direct result of the way you feel about yourself. In other words, how you feel about yourself dictates what will come to you. That’s why you should never make a decision out of fear or with limitations.

Many of us have been set up to be prosperous, but we are only beginning to become 12 and 14 inches high while other cultures and races are becoming 80 and 100 feet high.  We still have barbeque shacks, and they have franchises like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King.


We are still walking around with some terrible bootlegged DVDs, and others have built big companies, like Sony, that have grown into organizations that expanded into movies. We’ve grown into nothing. We are the #1 group of people who watch television and, yet, don’t own a network. What has happened?


We’ve become dwarfed individuals. We’ve been used as test groups. They’ve started calling us the canaries in the coal mines. Before ventilation systems appeared in coal mines, caged canaries, which are very sensitive to methane and carbon gases, would be brought into the mines as a gas detector. A singing canary meant it was safe for the miners, but a dead canary meant it was time to evacuate. We have had things brought into

our culture just to see if it was safe. Once they discovered it was, they took over the industry and controlled it.


Take off-track betting (OTB), for example. Years ago, there used to be people running numbers illegally. But when they saw how well the number games did, they came out with legal numbers-running—or off-track betting. They sit there and watch, and when they see that a system works, they take it and make it their own.


When was the last time you saw yourself according to the eyes of the Lord? Often times, you’ve lost track of your true identity that you’ve let society define who you are, define who you must think, define how you must feel, and define how much prosperity you must enjoy.  The goals you have in your life also depend on your identity. If you see yourself to be a limited person, then you’ll set minimal goals for your life. However, if you step into the divine nature God created you to have, in His image and likeness, then you can be limitless.



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