The word generation does not only apply to the age these people lived, but it also applies to your everyday situation. A more intense look at the word generation also leads you to the idea of generating. The children of darkness understand their role as generators. The children of darkness are wiser in their ability to generate, than the children of light.


They know that they are not here on earth to sit around and just do nothing. Be about doing something. Follow the example of the children of this world as it relates to dealing with money. God even said that they were wiser than the children of light. There is much you can learn from their example.


Now I want to lead you into a confession. One of the things you must realize is that you can create your own realities. I create my own realities. You are either living your dream or somebody else’s dream. If it is somebody else’s dream, it is not correct. You could either be the individual that pressed the buttons and decided what floor you are going to get off, or you can allow life to press the buttons for you, either way you are going to land at a floor. Destiny is not left up to chance, but is a matter of choice.



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Today, I want you to make a choice, a decision. I make a decision to invest. I make a decision to make money work for me. Poor simply means you are working for money. Wealth, or prosperity, simply means you have money working for yourself.


I make a decision this day to become a profitable servant, to move forward in everything that you called my hands to do. I thank you for the wisdom to generate, to increase, and to bring about enlargement in this earth.


Now, I see myself as the Father sees me, perfect, whole, complete, and

divine. I decree right now that the favor of God is upon me, and I use

the skills, the talents, and the creativity, to generate more of who I am.


I am a producer. I am a producer. I am a producer, and I create new

realities in every experience, in everything I attempt to do.