Fathers and their faith

When we examine the Scriptures, we will discover that God places the primary responsibility for raising a godly, biblical family on man. This could explain why men, husbands, and fathers have been targeted so harshly in American culture. The husband and father are frequently portrayed as bumbling, stumbling fools in the media.

We are aware that men face a variety of pressures in our society. Today’s men face enormous job pressures. The economy is tight, and men are under more pressure than ever to provide for those they care about. In today’s society, men face enormous temptations. There is the allure of pornography. There is the allure of alcohol. The trick of cutting corners to make more money exists. Today, men face all of these and other pressures.

Men face tremendous temptations in our society today.

 The Feminist Movement puts men under pressure. According to Dr. Paige Patterson, one of the most severe issues confronting American society today is the feminization of men. 160 Some people are attempting to make men like women. The Feminist Movement tried to persuade Americans that there was no difference between men and women. But the facts of biology will not go away.

A feature article in Time Magazine discussed the differences between men and women. It discussed how men and women differ. The article’s conclusion was simply that they were born that way. Men and women are not the same. Their brains are not wired the same way. Shopping, for example, is a social event for a woman. On the other hand, a man determines what he desires, locates a store that carries it, dashes in, hope no one notices him, and lives out.

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