Society is affected

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University found that boys whose fathers were absent from the household experienced double the odds of being incarcerated, even when other factors, such as race, income, parent education, and urban residence were held as constants. The study also showed how parents who part ways during their children’s adolescence were roughly 1-1/2 times more likely to end up in jail as children from intact families, faring slightly better than boys who were born to single mothers.

The Mastermind Behind Fatherlessness

Satan is intentional in how he ensnares young people, and it is through the epidemic he made widespread — fatherlessness. God had a solution. His remedy is the spirit of adoption. God’s plan of redemption for the entire human race does not involve simply paying for the price for sin through the blood of Jesus. It is also about adopting us as His children, co-heirs of Christ. God was not and will never be an abusive or absentee father. He is an ever-present Father who provided for His children a great inheritance.  

God’s Solution

The spirit of adoption releases us from the spirit of bondage and fear — which is the fatherless spirit. Instead, we begin to become citizens of the Kingdom of God. It does not matter how broken our earthly family has become. We become part of God’s family.

  Paul wrote, “For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received a spirit of adoption when we cry, “Abba! Father!” (Rom. 8:15). 

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