The Dry Season

The Dry Season is no doubt a tough season. You have probably gone through different moments in your life that have been characterized by a lack—whether it be a lack of motivation, a lack of resources, or a lack of confidence. It’s a season where you feel



For believers, it’s usually called spiritual dryness or a dry season. We cannot bring ourselves to speak a prophetic word, much alone a word of encouragement. We feel that we cannot minister to others because we ourselves need to be encouraged. It’s when God is quiet—or we feel we cannot hear His voice or sense His presence as we once did—that we feel emptiness. There are seasons when God seems very distant.

One of the keys to getting through this challenging season is realizing that you are in the dry season and press through it. Know that despite the experience of lack and the feeling of distance between you and God, you are destined for abundance and that Christ is still in you. As you recognize that you are in this season, you must draw closer to Him. Do not wither up. Continue reading His Word. Speak to God even though He is quiet.

God is still on the throne. According to Psalm 37:7, “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.” Check your heart when you find yourself in the dry season.


In this season, check to see if there is anything that may be causing the silence or dryness (like unconfessed sin). If you think so, confess it, ask for God’s forgiveness, repent, and keep drawing closer to Him (1 Jn. 1:9). He is a loving and forgiving Father.  Seasons are usually designed to teach you something or reveal something to you; once you’ve learned and seen the lesson, then you will find yourself transitioning into a new season.


Like any other season, dry seasons don’t last forever. Seasons will change. You need to keep the faith and keep trusting God in the dryness. Keep praising God in the dry season, because soon the rain will come, and you will be filled anew.



The Waiting Season

Waiting is not easy. Sometimes, facing a closed door is easier than waiting for an answer from God. If you’re in a season of waiting, you know that it is testing your patience and your faith. You may be waiting for a prophetic word to be fulfilled, but the situation  is showing you the opposite. You may be waiting for a Word of Knowledge from God for a decision you need to make, and God seems silent.


Whether you’re waiting on your godly husband, waiting for circumstances to change, waiting on something to be completed or waiting on your purpose, waiting is challenging. Hold on to God’s promises and trust in God’s nature. You can get through this season. God has not forgotten you. God is faithful and wise. He is planning something. In fact, in

this season of waiting, He’s pruning you. God can be chiseling away what’s not needed for the next level. God is preparing you and making you ready for what is to come. So, let Him work. And however long it takes, go with His flow and grow, because Father

knows what’s best (and whose best).


Since this season is still just a season, soon it will be over. A time will come when God will say, “It’s time.” Keep the faith. Do not doubt and wait with an expectant heart, just like King David when he cried out, “Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly” (Ps. 5:3). God is listening and knows exactly where you are. Just hold onto your faith.


What are five things you are waiting for in this season?



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