You have to feel the enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is the key that ignites the feelings that causes God to move from your inside out. Enthusiasm means, God within.


En—means in or within Theos—in the Greek, which means God withinIf a person has no enthusiasm then that mean that God is not within them. Where there is no enthusiasm there is no God. And God cannot work where He is not. Enthusiasm is God’s cue to begin working on your behalf. It is your way of sending of the message to God that you are operating in “faith feeling.” When I repeatedly talk about feeling, don’t confuse this with the mere passing feeling that comes and goes from time to time. No, this feeling is a constant feeling that does not go away. It stays with you until your desire has been fulfilled.


When a person volunteers to do something for you, you expect them to do so with great enthusiasm. Their enthusiastic attitude is a sign to you that they are feeling you and that they want to be a part of your experience. Most people would rather do things themselves than to allow an unenthusiastic person to totally destroy the vibe in the universe that causes creation to happen.  That’s right, the right feelings mixed with faith produces extraordinary results.  So this should not be strange to you. God responds to your right feelings. And you too respond affirmatively to the right feelings in others.

Have you lost a job? If you did, it was because you were not longer feeling that job. Maybe you lost a mate, and they walked out of your life. Or perhaps you lost a boyfriend or girlfriend. The only reason you lost them, or it or whatever it was, is because you were no longer feeling them. Whatever you do not feel, you become demagnetized to, desensitized, and there is no longer a connection, because you have just destroyed the vibrational link.



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What feelings need to be re-established today?