How does the father’s absence affect a girl’s school experience?

A girl’s performance in school can fall due to little or no interaction with her father. According to a study, playing with her father is significant in their daughter’s math skills. Mathematics is associated with masculinity; therefore, females without father figures may be less interested in the subject matter. Female high school seniors were more likely than their male peers to say they did not take mathematics and science courses because they disliked the subject matter.

Females are usually discouraged from pursuing a career in mathematics, and father absence supports this phenomenon by not providing them with a male role model to stimulate interest. The lack of encouragement to perform well academically can stem from feeling unprotected by their fathers and may feel insecure, even when it comes to their future education.   

Lack of Stability

Stability is another important aspect affecting the lives of females, which inevitably shapes their college careers. The father’s absence not only hinders their ability to make decisions. It also triggers negative reactions as opposed to positive ones. When females have a strong foundation, they can be successful in their endeavors and be confident to accomplish what they want in life. Unfortunately, the father’s absence can stunt intellectual growth. 

A bigger reason, aside from the lack of security and motivation that affects a fatherless girl’s performance in school, is the lack of financial support. Single mothers sometimes need to pull their children out of school or move from one place to another. For some girls, homelessness can be experienced when their families leave. Single-parent homes do not have as much access to resources.  

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