Most of the time, when we operate from the stands, we tend to complain about things we do not have firsthand experience for. We base our complaints on concepts. We comment on things we have not actually lived out.

The Greek word “complainer” literally means “one who is discontented with his lot in life. The one who complains is not contented because this is what life from the stands does to you. It leaves you without power, control and responsibility. Thus, it leaves you limited and weak.

David experienced living life both “on the court” and “ in the stands”. He is a mighty warrior. Most of the time, we see him at the frontline, leading his army into victory.

The first and most popular story about David will be the one when he was able to defeat Goliath, the giant Philistine. Here he was, a young shepherd boy, armed with his slingshot, five pebbles, and his faith in the Lord.

There are numerous moments like this when David placed himself on the courts. He allowed himself to do the purposes of God. However, there was one time, wherein he intentionally when he placed himself in the stands.

There was a time wherein he did not go with his men to a battle. He stayed behind. He took himself out of the court. This got him in trouble.

The adultery that David has committed was done when he was off the court. He was idle. He was not in action. The product of being off the court can lead you to sin, even if you are King David, man after God’s own heart. Always make it a point to be on the court.


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How are your possibilities directly impacted when you operate from the stands?