Identifying the category or classification of a certain thing has become commonplace for us. Doing so just makes us understand how those under one classification are similar and how they all work together. We learn to classify plants under certain kingdoms, then subkingdoms, then super-divisions, then by division, then by class, then by subclass, etc. It gets more and more specific as you go deeper in exploring what certain plants actually are, how they are made up, what they need to survive, how they look and thrive. The same is true with our language.

Now that we have learned to classify what kind of language is considered as speech acts, we will now dissect the classifications of speech acts in the Bible.


We classify the speech acts in the Bible under five categories:

  • Directives
  • Commissives
  • Representatives
  • Declaratives
  • Expressives

I feel the need to put a disclaimer here. These classifications do not discredit or diminish the earlier ones that we discussed. They are not contradictory to each other in any way. Rather, what we discussed in the first chapters would technically fall under these classifications. We will continue to explore more in the next week


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