These are the things the church ought to provide for the pastors in order for them to give their undivided attention to the ministry of the Lord. The pastor’s salary and housing allowance must be base packages for the fulltime minister. After all, the priests in the Old Testament were also given salary and housing.

Health issues and concerns can cause a pastor to worry. It can be good service to the pastoral team if they are provided with health, disability, and life insurance coverage. It is encouraged that churches provide full family coverage for health insurance. This is most especially true for those long- term missionaries that we send to nations.

Other than that, it would also be fair to give the pastors mileage reimbursement. Many pastors travel a lot by car. They should not be forced to pay out of their own pockets for ministry-related travel. Even if the pastors are young, they must be educated about retirement funds. They must be able to contribute to a retirement fund so that they have something saved when they retire.


As pastors, they are mostly teachers. They must get a book and resource allowance. In order to grow in the Lord, the church can help cover some of these costs. Continuing education funds can also enrich the church as a whole. We want our pastors to be the best-equipped leaders, and so the church can financially support such endeavors.

If pastors take only one family per month to dinner, the costs still add up if they are paying out of their own funds. The church should cover the cost of entertainment and fellowship that intentionally promote the church’s ministry. It does not have to be a huge fund, but a little can help the pastor. It’s not like these pastors would even ask. The fact that it is available would be a blessing for the people.


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