In today’s society, the problem is not just about poverty; it is also about inequality and injustice, especially in the context of racism. Transforming the world into a racial inequality — and intolerance-free place was a personal advocacy borne out of my sense of responsibility. My strong sense of responsibility compelled me to call out to my fellowmen to take a stand and eradicate racism.  As I read my Bible, the urge was confirmed; the message I encountered that day was “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin” (Jam. 4:16). I knew racial inequality and injustice were wrong, and I had to be the prophet in the marketplace to profess these wrongs and to call society to repentance.

Definitely, responsibility needed to start with me. I initiated the anti-racism movement in our community. Uncertainties came our way, but our impossible promise of transforming the world was to create a peaceful and racism-free environment ignited our passion and encouraged us to take the initiative. I took my stand as a leader of transformation; similarly, I urge the people of the present to take a stand. Initiate the change. Understand that we all have the responsibility to transform the world. Become the source of transformation of your future world.

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What is your impossible promise to the world?