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By Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan

True growth and transformation of the self can only occur if you see yourself as a space for possibilities. Knowing that you are the author of your transformation allows you to be consistently happy in whatever circumstance.

1. Breakdowns are Unavoidable

Breakdowns make us sad. I have not seen a person jump up and down because his car broke down in the middle of the road. I’ve never seen someone rejoice for losing his job. It’s also rare to see someone excited because her marriage is on the rocks. Breakdowns make people unhappy.

Going through a roadblock in life, you may feel “something is wrong” or “there is a problem here”. Emotionally, it is understandable how breakdowns are hard to deal with. No one is naturally happy to go through breakdowns; only those who have set the intention to be happy in all circumstances are able to do this.

2. Have Acceptance

Acceptance is fundamental to your happiness. Knowing this can be powerful in your everyday struggle to protect your happiness in life. Happiness comes from within. It’s dictated less by the events and people in your life than by your reactions to them. Oftentimes, you won’t be able to control your circumstances or what other people do to you, but you can have ownership for your reactions and emotions toward the situation. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it is possible to be happy in whatever circumstance.

What do you need to do? First, you must develop awareness. The next time you’re sad or angry about something, take the time to study your reactions and emotions. Instead of focusing on what is influencing your lack of happiness, ask yourself if your unhappiness is merited.

3. Have Faith

If you base your happiness on your current situation, you’ll live a generally unhappy life. Happiness is something you can choose by faith. Set for your life a realm of all possibilities wherein you see your regular experiences to open doors to new things and new hope, even for conditions that are not visibly favorable.

Allowing yourself to be happy is an act of faith. It reminds you that God is sovereign over your life. You have the free will to choose if you are to be happy or not. Allow God to operate through you and to respond with breakthroughs and miracles for your life.

4. Master Your Emotions

Happiness starts with the realization that you are both the source and the course of your own well-being. Your desires, your dreams, and your vision can be fulfilled if you allow yourself to feel the happiness of feeling the fulfilment of these things today. Reverend Ike placed it this way, “Feel it real!”

The truth is you almost never get to experience the world as it really is; you only get to experience your thoughts about the world. It is not actually other people’s disapproval that can make you unhappy; it is your belief that happiness is something that comes from outside of other people in the form of approval. External things do not dictate your emotions. Your thoughts are the root of your emotions. If you weren’t thinking that way, how would you feel differently about this person or this situation? What should you be thinking to feel happy?

5. Be Happy Now

  When will you be happy in life? When will you allow yourself to feel happiness? The best time you can start to be happy is right now. You must not wait until tomorrow. You must not wait until you have a bigger house, get a nicer car, meet someone to marry, or have children before you can be happy.

Unfortunately, people do that. Most people wait for things they desire in life before they allow themselves to be happy. When they do get what they want in life, they end up wanting more. And then, they delay allowing themselves to feel happiness. They spend all their lives waiting for the right time to allow themselves to be happy. Unfortunately, the “right” time will never come. Today is the best time. Right now is the only time you can choose to be happy.

What you do in the present will create your future happiness. Your choice to be happy or unhappy exists today. Do not waste time waiting for conditions, people, or situations that can make you happy. Happiness comes from within.

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