The Second Fact: The Enemy creates smokescreens  

Originally, people used smokescreens in battle. To conceal the positions or movements of an army of soldiers, they would release a cloud of smoke. There are numerous types of smokescreens available today. Today, a smokescreen conceals what is going on; it conceals an often ugly reality and deceptively directs people’s attention to a superficial and false reality.

Many things we see on social media, billboards, and Hollywood films are nothing more than smokescreens. They are simply snapshots that do not show the entire picture; they are unrealistically edited images of how people appear and unrealistic depictions of life circumstances. It is unjust to judge our current situation based on such renderings, which are unreal and fabricated. Social media has also altered how we define terms like “friend” and “follower.” Social media is the common way to connect people with you, whether you’ve met them “IRL” or real life.

Follower-Obsession Culture

A follower is someone who receives your content whenever you post it. Even if a person has thousands of online friends and followers, they may still feel lonely, disconnected, and more isolated than ever. We are led to believe that the American Dream is the dream that must be pursued as a result of all of these smokescreens. What matters is that we have a large number of online friends, followers, and subscribers, and our identity is determined by the number of likes and shares we receive on various social media platforms. Finally, what are your thoughts? We continue to pursue something that is both elusive and insignificant—we are chasing smoke.

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